3D Holo Effect Pollen

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3D Holo Effect Pollen
This is the latest trend in nail stylization
This tiny, metallic powder creates a three-dimensional, holographic, glittering effect with all the colors of the rainbow, perfect for every day or special occasions.
Thanks to this amazing pollen you will get a smooth, sparkling with millions of particles pane that will emphasize the beauty of both every day and evening manicure.
Just rub it in your favorite hybrid nail polish or gel color.
However, remember that the strongest, most visible effect you will get by using Pure Black hybrid varnish as the base color .
The effect may change depending on the intensity, type and angle of light and the color of the foundation.

1. Prepare the nail plate to apply the styling.
2. We apply Hard Base and cure in a lamp.
3. Apply the first layer of polish and harden in the lamp. (the darker the color, the longer the curing time).
4. Apply a second layer of polish and cure in lamp.
5. Apply Dry Top to give a very expressive gloss and cure in lamp.
6. Rub 3D Holo Effect into the cured top with your fingertip or applicator - a sponge . Remove excess pollen  with a soft brush .
7. Cover the nails with a layer of Top Sunbloker  and cure in the lamp.
8. Cover your nails again - this time - Hard Top or Dry Top and cure in the lamp.

The photo below shows the effect of using 3D Holo Effect powder on Pure Black 2996 hybrid varnish.