48W LED lamp with display

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48W LED lamp with display
48W LED lamp is your way for a perfect hybrid manicure . You will gain more time, greater efficiency and greater satisfaction for yourself and your clients!
Professional 48W LED lamp will effectively fix any nail decorating. Ideal for use in the beauty salon,
Built-in Timer and display make it easy to perform manicure and pedicure treatments.
What the lamp provides:
1. Long life - working time is about 12 years.
2. Fast and precise fixation of the stylization - 21 energy-saving diodes has been distributed so that at the same time you can put your whole hand under the lamp.
3. Motion sensor - as soon as you insert your hand or foot under the lamp, it will start automatically.
4. Three working modes: 30S, 60S and 99S - thanks to this you will adjust the time to individual needs.
5. Easy intuitive operation - ideal for stylists and enthusiasts of beautiful nails who independently make a hybrid manicure.
5. Modern and stylish design - the device will look great at home and in the beauty salon.

- maximum power: 48W,
- number of LED diodes: 21,
- DC 24V 1.5 A,
- dimensions: 224.5 mm x 137.5 mm x 87.5 mm,
- wavelength: 365-405nm.

Package contents:
- LED lamp,
- power supply,
- user's manual.

∙ Read the instructions before using the lamp.
∙ Use the lamp for its intended purpose.
∙ Avoid contact with liquid substances, otherwise the device may be damaged.
∙ Please do not use the lamp when the time indicator is off.
∙ Disconnect the power plug after use.
∙ Do not use the device continuously for more than 600 minutes. Exceeding this time may cause damage to the device.