6 pcs Nail Files Kit

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6 pcs Nail Files Kit
Essential nail art tools for filing nails before nail treatment / nail extension / manicure procedures
Can be used to file natural nails, false nails, nail extensions, etc.
Perfect for finger care
Perfect for both professional use and personal use!
Sizes: 150, 180, 240, 100/180, 220/280 & 1000/4000

Package List: 6PCS Nail Files Kit
No. 150: coarse sand, polish fast for long fingernails rapid wear short Gum handle, elastic moderate
No. 180: medium sand, the grinding rate is moderate, moderate sophistication Gum handle, elastic moderate
No. 240: fine sand, grinding slower, more delicate Gum handle, elastic moderate
No. 100/180: relatively coarse sand, suitable for people who nail surface texture depth
No. 220/280: sand is relatively thin, fit people pale nail surface texture
No. 1000/4000: suitable for use in nail polish, used the same as using too bright and shiny oil