Arielle Powder Effect - Classic

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Arielle Powder Effect – Classic
Minor, shiny and multicolor powder.
Arielle Effect is very easy to apply.
Additionally, the rinse aid is kept on the nail plate for a long time and in perfect condition.
You can apply it to your favorite classic varnish, hybrid varnish or sink in gel.
It's an original way to add your stylization to a beautiful glow and style.
It can be used for all shades.
Available shades of Arielle Effect:
- Classic
- Lilac
- Multicolor
- Rose
- Green
- Blue Lagoon
- Orange
- Pink
The package contains: 2 g of powder

Instructions how to use:
We apply powder on the dispersion layer (sticky) of colored hybrid varnish or Hard Top;
We rub with circular motions using a special applicator or finger pad.
Excess pollen is removed with a soft brush, and the whole is secured by applying Hard Top to the nail, remembering to well protect the free edge of the nail.
Note: If your hybrid varnish has a small dispersion layer (viscous), it should be hardened for a shorter time so that the light adhesive layer remains on the nail.