Black Lace Flower Transfer Foil Stickers

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Black Lace Flower Transfer Foil Stickers
Adhesive nail art foil stickers to fit all fingernails
Color: Black
Size: 4*100cm
Material: Transfer Foil
Net Weight: 6.6g (Stickers + Bottle)
Package Includes: 1 x Black Lace 3D Nail Art Sticker (With Bottle)

Instructions how to use:
1. Cut off a part of the sticker and cut it into some fragments (about 2~4cm according to your nail's size).
2. Apply a base coat and wait until it dries completely.
3. Apply a nail polish and wait until it is 90% dry (not totally dry)
4. Place the sticker foil onto your nail and press.
5. Remove the foil if you ensure the pattern was transferred completely. If some part is missing, just apply the top coat to the part not taken and repeat step 4
6. Brush a layer of top coat on your nail. And you have a beautiful nail foil art!