Blaze Peony 6ml

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Hybrid UV Nail Lacquer – Blaze Peony 6ml
Peonies came to Europe from China and Japan. From among many varieties and colors, we chose the most feminine, juicy shade of fuchsia and closed it in a bottle with the name Blaze Peony. It will be beautifully presented both on the light complexion and on the skin brushed by the sun. This shade is the quintessence of femininity, a symbol of an exotic garden full of intense colors. Perfect for evening outings as a complement to the full predatory look of stylization
A hybrid manicure ensures flawless appearance of nails for at least 14 days (until a clear regrowth is achieved).

Instructions how to use:
1. Gently polish the nail with a polishing block
2. Apply a thin layer of HARD BASE and cure in a 48W LED lamp or 36W UV lamp
3. Apply a layer of hybrid varnish in the selected color and re-harden in the lamp (the darker the color, the longer the cure time).
4. Apply a second, equally thin layer of the same varnish, and then harden the varnish in the lamp
5. Apply the HARD TOP or DRY TOP layer to give a very distinctive gloss. Cure in the lamp, and after using Hard Top, rinse with a cleaner
6. In order to remove varnish from the nails, polish the shiny layer with a polishing block, and then use Acetone.
 * For this purpose, apply acetone on Foil Nail Wraps (or use a dust-free swab and cover it with a fingernail, then wrap it with aluminium foil) and leave for a period of about 10 minutes. If there are remains of lacquer - gel, remove them with a wooden stick or metal hoof.

The Flowersense collection consists of 6 beautiful colors.