Chameleon Mirror Powder

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Chameleon Mirror Powder
Gorgeous Nail Art Chrome Pigment
Colors: As shown in picture

Instructions how to use:
1. Gently polish the nail with a polishing block.
2. Apply a thin layer of base coate and cure in a 48W LED lamp or 36W UV lamp according to the table.
3. Apply a layer of gel polish in the selected colour and cure in the lamp (the darker the colour, the longer the cure time). The activity should be repeated for a deep colour.
4. Then apply a second, equally thin layer of the same gel polish, then cure in the lamp.
5. Apply a thin layer of UV NO-WIPE TOP COAT  to give an amazing gloss. Cure in a 36 W - 10 UV lamp seconds or LED 48 W - 20 sec.
6. Rub the Chameleon Mirror Powder in a hardened top with your fingertip or applicator - a sponge . Remove excess pollen with a soft brush.
7. Cover your nails with Top Coat and cure in the lamp.

NOTE: The nail art color effect will be different on different Base Color.