Foldable Reusable Shopping Cart Bags (4pcs)

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Foldable Reusable Shopping Cart Bags (4pcs)
REUSABLE - We have taken the "reusable grocery bags" concept to the next level, making them effective
CONVENIENT - Easy to use and helps you stay organized while shopping!
DURABLE-Our bags are built to last so that you can use them over and over again!
STORAGE FRIENDLY-After using our bags, they can be rolled up into a small-tight bundle for easy storage!
JUST FOR YOU-We made this product just for YOU and your day-to-day activities!
Reducing the use of plastic bags, to protect the environment!
It is folding, save space and large capacity!
Designed for shopping cart, keep your shopping cart in order
Foldable design with handle, easy to take, reusable and environmental
Quantity: 4pcs for 1 set
Color: Orange, Green, Red, Blue
Non-woven fabric materials for durable use
Easy to clean
Sizes: 43 x 20 x 42cm (blue), 46 x 20 x 48cm (red), 49 x 25 x 53cm (green), 50 x 29 x 57cm (orange)
Suitable for home use, supermarket, and green grocery shopping