French White 6 ml

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UV Hybrid Nail Polish -  6 ml
It is a sensual, extremely feminine collection of 8 hybrid varnishes, inspired by the warmth of home comfort,  which refers to the very fashionable shades of grey, bleached beiges, rose or violet in recent seasons. Subdued, powdery pastels are a reflection of peace, relaxation and relaxation. Wrap up with our colors, like a warm blanket, taste the colors like cream cocoa. Let yourself forget for a moment, relaxing with a glass of mulled wine. The hybrid manicure ensures flawless appearance of the nails for 14 days (until a clear regrowth is achieved).

Instructions how to use:
1. Gently polish the nail with a polishing block
2. Apply a thin layer of HARD BASE and cure in a 48W LED lamp or 36W UV lamp
3. Apply a layer of hybrid polish and re-harden/cure in the lamp (the darker the color, the longer the cure time)
4. Then apply a second, equally thin layer of the same color hybrid polish, and then harden/cure again in the lamp
5. Apply the HARD TOP or DRY TOP layer to give a very distinctive gloss. Cure in the lamp, and after using Hard Top, rinse with a cleanser
6. In order to remove varnish from the nails, polish the shiny layer with a polishing block, then  use Acetone
 * for this purpose, apply acetone on  Foil Nail Wraps (or use a  dust-free swab and cover your fingernail, then wrap it with aluminium foil) and leave for a period of about 10 minutes. If there are remains of lacquer - gel, remove them with a wooden stick or metal hoof.  

The Warming Memories collection consists of 8 beautiful colors.