Glittery Powder Effect

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Glittery Powder Effect
Powder for nail styling 2g
Glittery Effect is a collection of 3 fabulous powders. Beautifully sparkling in the sun, they are perfect for summer stylizations. They subtly emphasize the atmosphere of fun and concerts until dawn.
Glittery Effect is the opportunity to change the classic manicure in a very simple way. You'll get dazzling results without any effort or experience in nail styling. A banal application that will not test your patience is the essence of this pollen collection.
Meet Glittery Effect, a colorful "confetti" that will change your manicure forever.
The small container contains powder that gives a spectacular effect. What distinguishes this powder from others? It is much thicker even than the classic brocade. It makes its particles look like pixels. It will look beautiful both on the entire nail plate and as an addition to decorations. Protected with rinse aid is kept on the nail plate for a long time and in perfect condition. You can apply it to your favorite hybrid varnish or embed in gel.
Glittery Effect polishes are suitable for use on all shades of manicures.
It is worth remembering that the effect that powder will give depends also on the selected color of the hybrid varnish!
The combination is so many.
Weight: 2g

Available shades:
1. Glittery Effect No. 01 - gold – blue
2. Glittery Effect No. 02 - pink – green
3. Glittery Effect No. 03 – multicolor

Instructions how to use:
Arielle Effect Type:
1.  Apply Glittery Effect to the second hardened hybrid lacquer layer using a special applicator or finger pad.
2. Remove excess powder with a soft brush.
3. Apply on the entire Hard Top nail, remembering to properly protect the free edge of the nail. Then harden/cure in UV/Led lamp.
4. Clean the sticky layer with the Cleaner and level the edges with a nail file.
Note:  If your hybrid varnish has a low dispersion layer (viscous), it should be hardened for a shorter time so that the light adhesive layer remains on the nail.

Frost effect type:
1. Apply powder on the second layer before curing.
2. Sprinkle your fingernail with powder exactly on each side.
3. Harden/cure with UV/Led lamp.
4. Align the edges with a nail file.