Glow Long Lasting Cream Hair Color 100 ml

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Glow Long Lasting Cream Hair Color 100 ml
Permanent hair dye with a delicate, creamy formula that offers rich, natural, glowing, brilliant colors, perfectly covering white wool.
At the same time, it protects against the harmful action of environmental factors due to the vitamin C-rich content with antioxidant effect, and keratin reinforces the damaged capillary fiber, ensuring a healthy and healthy look of the hair after painting.
Hair type: Dyed
Benefit: Maintaining color, long lasting
Quantity: 100 ml
Brand: Kallos

The package contains:
- 1 tube cream 40ml cream,
- 1 oxidant emulsion bottle 60ml,
- 1 pair of gloves,
- Instructions for use

Instructions how to use:
1. Always wear appropriate protection gloves (provided)
2. Apply the hair color on dry unwashed hair.
3. Pour the contents of the tube into the applicator bottle.
4. Shake the bottle well to have a perfect homogeneous mixture.
5. Screw off the tip of the bottle cap and distribute the content of the bottle evenly on your hair.
6. Apply the mixture first to the roots then spread it along the length of the hair and the hair ends
7, Leave for 25-30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with Kallos shampoo, regenerate with Kallos conditioner!