Hard Jelly & Builder Extenstion Gel - Deep Nude 15 ml

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Hard Jelly & Builder Extension Gel - Deep Nude 15 ml
100% pure gel formula that wears like classic true gel
Creates fantastic crystal French nail effect
Suitable to apply on UV/LED gel nails / acrylic nails / natural nails / etc
No tingling
Easy to apply, not easy to break
No yellowing
No bubbles
Super sticky
It is the best choice for professionals and salon shops
Healthy & Environment-friendly
Lasts over 1 month
Soak off - Easy to take off
Firm bonding, lasting long
Smooth, good transparency
Easy modelling
Quantity - 15ml

How to use the Camouflage extension UV gel
1) Wash hands, wipe nail with nail file and buff sponge bar
2) Put on the nail form
3) Brush a thin layer primer gel, curing 2-3 minutes with UV/LED lamp
4) Use the nail pen to brush the gel, curing 2-3 minutes with lamp
5) Adjust the nail shape with buffing sponge bar
6) Brush a layer of color gel, curing 2-3 minutes with uv lamp
7) Brush a thin layer of top coat, curing 2-3 minutes with UV/LED lamp
8) Use cleanser plus with cotton and wipe nail surface to get perfect shining
9) If you want to remove it, use remover on cotton and wipe nail