Primer Vitamins 7.2 ml

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Primer Vitamins 7.2 ml
Gentle on the tile - effective in action
Primer Vitamins is an acid-free preparation that increases the adhesion of the base to the natural nail plate.
Enriched with vitamins, it takes on the care properties.
You apply it with the hybrid, gel and acrylic method.

What will you get in the package:
The vitamins A, E, B7 and B8 as well as calcium pantothenate contained in the composition has nurturing and strengthening properties. Therefore, it is recommended to use Primera Vitamins also on a damaged or fragile nail plate.
The innovative formula that allowed the introduction of a complex of vitamins does not weaken the adhesive properties - the product acts like a double-sided tape that bonds together the nail and the applied base.
Ingredients of natural origin eliminate the burning sensation in the lamp.
They prevent the aeration of subsequent applied products and lifting (pulling the product).
Primer Vitamins, thanks to the new formula, is delicate and non-invasive and allows you to work even on a much damaged tile.
It extends the durability of styling and cares for safety - for the sake of your nails!

Instruction how to use:
1. Apply a thin layer with a brush to the natural nail plate and let it dry for a while (sticky layer remains).