Rapidograph White 0.35 mm

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Rapidograph White 0.35 mm
Thanks to RAPIDOGRAPH, you will create beautiful lace, exotic ornaments and unique geometric patterns
You can easily make perfect lines and small details. Rapidograph of this thickness is dedicated to white ink. With a black ink you will get a thicker line 0.18 mm groove.
The only thing that limits you is your imagination! Be original and unique!
Line thickness:  0.35 mm
Color: white

Instructions how to use:
1. Pour a special  ink  into the jar in the rapidograph. Max. up to 1/2 container.
2. Pour a few drops of water into the small container at the top of the cap. This will prevent the ink from drying in the needle.
3. On the matted  polishing block  and washed with  Nail Cleaner, the  color of the hybrid varnish or gel, follow the pattern with a rapid graphic, then secure it with a Hard Top or gel finish.
4. After finishing work, wash the rapidograph with water. To do this, unscrew the writing part from the rapidograph and put it in a container with warm water for about 5 – 10 minutes. Finally, rinse the writing part of the rapidograph under a stream of running hot water.
5. When using a rapidograph for a classic varnish, it is best to make the pattern on the second day (after the color is completely dry).

The Rapidograph should be cleaned daily after finishing work, as dried ink may clog its needle. Strong pressure of the rapidograph to the surface on which we create the pattern, can lead to its permanent, mechanical damage. Providing the rapidograph with sufficient amount of ink inside, not allowing to dry, will also make the equipment 100% efficient.

We are not responsible for any damage caused as a result of improper use of the product. Be careful not to contaminate the tip with lacquer, acrylic, and gel.
Always paint on a matted and degreased surface.
Clean the Rapidograph every day after finishing work.
If the needle is completely clogged, you can add a little dishwashing liquid to the water tank, in which we soak the writing part.

The Rapidograph is not filled with ink (it must be purchased additionally).