Starry Sky Nail Transfer Foils - Set of 20 pcs

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Starry Sky Nail Transfer Foils - Set of 20 pcs
Create the perfect "mixed metals" finish for any gel/polish
Dark nail polish has better effect
Very shiny and smooth on the surface
Quantity: 20Pcs/set
Size(1Pc): Approx. 20*4cm
Pattern: As the picture shown

Instruction how to use:
1. Prepare your nail bed by shaping, pushing cuticles back and removing all oils.
2. Apply a base coat, and cure in UV/Led Lamp.
3. Apply nail gel/polish (dark color is better), cure in UV/Led Lamp, and apply the polish again, wait to dry (not totally dry)
4. Press foil shiny side up, onto the nail and rub over using your finger, or for a better more precise application, use a rubber hoof stick.
5. Remove the foil and the foil pattern should be stuck to your nail. If a bit is missing, just apply the top coat to the part not taken and repeat to step.4
6. Once completely dry, apply a top coat to protect the foil and cure in UV/Led Lamp.