Sunset Powder Effect

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Sunset Powder Effect
Sunset Effect is a palette of fabulously beautiful powder in the colors of summer, warm sunset.
This incredibly heavily pigmented pollen creates a multidimensional, slightly satin, metallic effect in which, in addition to the main color, which is dark cherry, you can see subtle dark copper and smudges of dimmed gold.
Colors penetrate smoothly, depending on the intensity and angle of light.
The pollen is very fine, but not very loose, which guarantees precision and simplicity of application.

Instructions how to use:
Sunset Powder can be used in several ways:
- if the effect is to cover the entire nail, fill it or rub it with the applicator into the previously hardened Dry Top.
- if you want to make decorations , apply pollen with a thin brush and brush the surface of hardened Dry Top, creating any patterns .

A minimum amount of pollen is enough to achieve the desired effect.
Sunset Effect can be applied to any color of hybrid varnish, gel or acrylic (with such a strong pigmentation of pollen, the color of the base varnish does not matter).
Pollen should not be used on classic nail polish.
Weight: 0.3 g.

5 different Sunset Effect colors are available